Where to Stay

Online registration for hotels and guest houses is very limited but increasing day by day. Still sometimes making reservations on the phone at the most known hotels doesn’t mean you have a place for sure, as they give priority to tours who arrive just before you and take up all the rooms.

But a friend of mine has opened the first Hostel of Abkhazia at the heart of the Sukhum city.

Just at the heart of the city, minutes away from the main contemporary and traditional restaurants, nightlife, coffee houses, museum, theatres and philarmonic hall; just on the waterfront where everyone takes a walk in the evenings in summer and during the good days in other seasons; and 20 minutes walk to the market place SUKHUM CITY HOSTEL is very well located.

It has 4 twin rooms with an extra sofa bed, fridge, air condition, kettle, and other necessities in the adjacent room and a tiny shower-toilet in each room. And he has recently connected Wi-Fi for guests.

Off season, the prices are real cheap and during the season the host keeps the prices reasonable, especially if you share the room with someone. You can call him at +7 940 935-85-05 to  get a price and reserve a room or use Booking.Com website 



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