Where to Stay

Online registration for hotels and guest houses is very limited. And sometimes making reservations on the phone at the most known hotels doesn’t mean you have a place for sure, as they give priority to tours who arrive just before you and take up all the rooms.

I will add up to this page different guethouses as I find trustworthy people that you can communicate in English by email. For a start, here is a newly established family guest house in Sukhum, near the central market. There is no address and you got to contact the owner to access the guesthouse\ eg. agree upon a time you will arrive or make a call when you arrive at the station or central market.

The owners name: Pilia Grigori

The owners email: gpiliya@bk.ru

The owners phone numbers: +79409243727  or +7940961631

The price: 500 rubles per person, rooms for up to 6 people and children go free.

I myself have never been there but a recent traveler from Germany who needed a place in the last minute stayed there for one night and was satisfied with the quality, cleanness and spacious atmosphere.

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