Visa related

Please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia website for official information. Below information is just an effort to respond to travelers’ questions about practical issues.


1- If you need a visa to Abkhazia apply online at least 5 working days before
2- Have your confirmation letter printed to hand-in at the border
3- If you are entering from Psou border, make sure you have a right to go back to Russia, eg. multi or double entry visa if you need one
4- If you are entering from Ingur border (Georgia), make sure you are going to be there at opening times as this border has limited opening hours
5- Upon your arrival within 3 working days you have to visit the Consular Service at their address Saharova 33 (no more in the MFA building on Lakoba). This visa office is within the building of Repatratsia [easier to find it if you ask a local person like this as many people don’t know the street names].
6- The visa cost should be paid in cash in rubles to the Consular Service. If you dont have rubles there is an exchange office on Ayayra street (old prospekt Mira) 1 min from the building. There is also a cash machine that accepts visa cards just opposite the exchange office as well as in other streets within a 10 minute walking radius.
7- Your visa will be printed as a separate sheet of paper and will not be sticked on your passport.
8- Your passport will never be stamped by Abkhazian border control, or the Russian border control on Psou border. The Russian Federation stamps the immigration cards that are handed at your entrance to the country and taken away during your exit from Russia. During re-entry from Abkhazia you will receive a new immigration card (thats why you need a valid re-entry documentation) which will be stamped with your entry date and will submit this at your final exit from Russia or Belarus.
9- You are suggested to enter and exit from the same border! Though cases of entry from Ingur and exit from Psou will not receive sanctions during current travel, this may cause further issues if you go back to Georgia in the future.