About ‘Visit Abkhazia’

There are only a limited number of resources in English on the Republic of Abkhazia, an independent country on the Black Sea coast, that has always been famous for her nature combining a sea resort with mountain tourism.

As hospitality travel sites like CS and HC have excluded Abkhazia as a country, it is still hard to meet locals online and get proper travel information. Updating open sources is a big trouble as someone with negative intentions about Abkhazia can alter the information and it turns into a neverending online war which I am never willing to get involved in.

Many CS travelers that I host tell me I should write a travel guide book on Abkhazia in English. But that information can only be available to who can find and who can afford to buy it.

So this blog is an effort to respond to all rising questions about travel to Abkhazia for non-Russian speaking international travelers who plan or think about visiting Abkhazia.
If you are a CS member I strongly recommend you to join the Abkhazia group on CS and support my cause by sending a comment to hq to add Abkhazia as a separate entity to CS.

The blog will include suggested travel itineraries for short and long visits, my personal recommendations about places to stay and eat (these should not be taken as advertisements, they will be included as there is no online database), details on places to visit, key everyday information necessary for travelers, and response to questions received here and on CS.

Please let me know of your comments and questions if you have any.

Jade Cemre Erciyes

Note in 2017: I have not been able to keep this blog as up to date as I wished. This is usually due to the problems I lived with the wordpress app which did not publish some of my posts, did not upload some photos, etc. I then got very busy with my academic work and responsibilities. Recently I have decided again to write a book on what to do and what to see in Abkhazia as it has been slightly over 10 years that I have been living in Sukhum and want to share my experiences with many international travelers/ journalists/ academics who I have encountered during the years.  I have various thoughts on how to publish that book. And today things just accelerated unexpectedly. So now we are already talking about possible sponsors and methods to be able to make the book available free of charge – in print and as an e-book! Keep following and commenting and if you want to contribute by sharing a place that you have been to in Abkhazia that you really think should be in the book but outside of the main tourist route, or you are a business in Abkhazia that would like to be a sponsor send me an email at : visitabkhazia//gmail//com


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