Sukhum city hostel

Just at the heart of the city, minutes away from the main contemporary and traditional restaurants, nightlife, coffee houses, museum, theatres and philarmonic hall; just on the waterfront where everyone takes a walk in the evenings in summer and during the good days in other seasons; and 20 minutes walk to the market place SUKHUM CITY HOSTEL is very well located.

It has 4 twin rooms with a sofa bed, fridge, air condition, kettle, and other necessities in the adjacent room and a tiny shower-toilet in each room. Free Wi-Fi has recently been added to the facilities.

Off season the prices are real cheap and during the season the host is also trying to keep the prices reasonable. Especially for 2 people I think it is a bargain! You can call him (Jabagh) at +7 940 935-85-05 to  get a price and reserve a room. Or use the website for reservation.  (But please be considerate in high season if you will not be able to make it- let him know so that his rooms are not empty as a result of no show.)


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