Kutol Tea Factory – Ecologically Clean Local Tea

It is not much known that Abkhazia has its own tea. Actually during the Soviet times tea was an important kolhoz [communal farm] produce. In the village of Kutol, Ochamchyra region, there was a huge tea factory where before the dissolution of the Soviet Union worked almost 100 people. Today the factory is still running but only about 10 villagers are working there and it doesnt work in full capacity.

You may hear from the Abkhazians that the tea is not good here but actually it is processed in the traditional way without any additives. So it is one of the ecologically clean teas you can get. It is not a very strong tea but has a light taste. You can mix it with dried flowers, fruits or other tea to have a stronger taste if you wish. You dont have to visit the factory to buy tea, you can get their tea and other local producers teas in the market place, including tea bags [not only to brew in the pot but to have in a cup]. But if you are in Kutol you may wish to drop by to see a working Soviet tea factory and smell the tea in all its drying phases. 


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