Gauda Beach, Novy Afon

Oh we have loads of nice places opening in Abkhazia this year. But I am with a CS traveler now in a lovely beach in Novy Afon called Gauda Beach. It has a nice restaurant on the other side of the road, open all year around. And the beach is lovely with what they call bungalows and fancy comfy beach chairs and umbrellas.


Its a bit pricy with 200rubles for the sun bed, 700 for the bungalow, 100 for the umbrella. And the food can be called pricy as well though i never checked the menu the locals say it is expensive. But for the Norvegian guests who had local open house wine with their food, it was super cheap.
Today we were lucky to meet the owner who offered us a drink, a pint of sangria.


It was quite tasty. He said that he makes the wine himself which makes it very special. I totally suggest those who want to spend time at the beach allday resting, sunbathing, having good food and nice drinks to enjoy the beuatiful Novy Afon sea at the Gauda beach.


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