Wine tasting

Lets say you have limited time in Abkhazia, would like to take a bottle of wine with you to friends or family. Which one to buy?
Everybody will have different taste for wine. The widely suggested Abkhazian wine is Lykhny, a world winning isabella grape wine. Which is naturally aromatic and sweet. But, the Sukhum wine factory is being clever and no more producing the world winning wine in the tradional natural style, but instead using a powder imported from France – at least thats the word we hear around. However, prepared from the same local grape at Gudauta Wine Factory, Isabella is totally natural and without sugar or other additives and as divine as the once world winning Lykhny wine, maybe even more. And I know this because I tasted many wines at the wine tasting house just near the Sukhum botanic park. This place sells wines, cogniacs, chachas [grapé is the english translation for this double distillised %68-75 fruit vodka], liquors [if you are not good with very sweet drinks stay away from those].
Well, a wine that I didnt see there when I had the tastings with friends took my attention at the market place. Akhra, a dry red wine, without GMO or any additives. Well that part was what took my attention. An eco-wine from Sukhum wine factory. I later realised that this has filled up the stores in my residential neighbourhood too. Though I dont know the taste, the name and the explanation inspired me and I got a bottle that I am taking to try with my mom. Will let you know…
But, you, go and try the wines for yourself. This place also has some mountain honey and spices though they are slightly expensive.
Isabella wine 200 r [no more left in the market as Isabella grape production was very low last year]
I got Akhra wine for 160 r in the market



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