Abkhazian honey

A lovely guest had brought me eco-honey from europe as a present. She later said that the honey here is so delicious that her choice was not a good one. Well thinking is what counts.

Abkhazia, as the rest of the Caucasus is specialised in honey production. In the national museum you can even see old beekeeping equipments.

In many Ritsa tours you visit the honey producers that explain you tricks to seperate real honey from fake honey, that is the one that have been produced in unnatural combs or with feeding sugar to the bees. But to learn that you got to come here…

The types of honey is varying by region:
Lipa – linden [my personal favorite and very good for chest problems]
Kashtan – chestnut* [increases immune system strength]
Akasia – acacia
Mayskii – may flowers [very light]
Mandarin [original]
Okhalipt – ochaliptus [hard to find real one]
Ashatui (gornii)- Mountain* [expensive]
*some of these honey should not be eaten more than a spoon a day.

You can also get honey with nuts, with special mixtures of herbs and roots that is good for healing something. If you are not sure what you are getting, please aim for simple clear honey.

0,5 l for 200 to 400 r depending on speciality


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