How much money is enough?

After some recent travelers who came to Abkhazia thinking they could hitchike and stay with couchsurfing and life is so cheap here that you can survive on 1000 rubles for 5 days, i thought this post is necessary.
Abkhazia is a touristic region and life here is far from cheap (sadly). For a European country the prices are normal but compared to our two neighbouring countries, Georgia and Russia it is expensive.
Some basics I will try to list so that you can calculate your expected expenses properly:

You can find shared rooms and bedrooms in poor quality accommodations for around 600 rubles.
If you get a proper accommodation with a double bed and bathroom inside with all the amenities you will pay 600 rubles to 800 rubles per person, 1100 rubles per room for 2. [In Sukhum City Hostel and in many other places you pay for the room – you can stay 2 or three people]

Museums (needs update)
National Museum 100 r
Botanic park 200 r
The Afon cave 500 r
The Ritsa National Park 350 r
The Saint Simon National Park and Cave 100 r [to be confirmed]

Events at SKLAD Art Center are Free. But 100 r for the Artists Union’s Exhibition Hall.

The rest of touristic places are usually free entry

Concerts, Russian or Abkhazian theatres, and other events cost about 500 to 1500 r but national day concerts are usually free.

Renting a car with a driver [the other way it is not possible in Abkhazia] 3500-4500 r

Buses (needs update)
Psou to Sukhum 150 r
Gal to Sukhum 300 r
Sukhum to Afon 70 r
Sukhum city buses
[trolleybus] 5 r
[Yellow midi buses] 10 r
[Marshrutkas – minibuses] 15 r

Tours [prices may slightly vary by firm and according to additional pitstops in the tours decided upon participants requests on the tour, or inclusion of ticket prices etc] (needs update)
Ritsa lake and waterfalls 800 r
Afon incl cave ticket 900 r
Kaman church 400 r
Merhaul water resource, Chernigovka restaurant by the waterfalls 500 r
Kindig hot waters 400 r
Ilor, Dranda, Agudzera churches [eastern churches tour] 500 r
Lyhny tour including a visit to the fish farm where there will be lunch 550 r
Otap Abriskil cave and Muk Church 800 r
Jiping [transport to higher mountains with a jeep] icl. 7km hiking to and back Mzy [Mzaa] lake 1500 r
Jiping to Kodor Valley and Amzara 1500 r
Jiping to Amtkal river and Merhaul 1500 r
Jiping and hiking to 7 lakes [3km hiking] 2000 r
Rafting 1700 r
Abkhazian dinner with Abkhazian dances and music as a tour 1100 r
Horse riding near Sukhum 350 r for the transfer 250 r for horse riding

Bread costs 22 r but some luxury bread costs around 35r-50 r
Lavash, a very delicious big flat bread, 27 r
Water 200ml 50 r-100 r
5l 90-150 r
Milk [house] 3l for about 200 r

Abkhazian cheese around 1,5kg for 700-1000 r

Coffee [Turkish] 25-50 r
Tea [pot] 120-200 r
Abkhazian lemonades 70-150 r

In the shops: (needs update)
Abkhazian Tea bags [black and green] of 20 for 27 to 50 r
Abkhazian tea [100g] 80 to 120 r
Abkhazian lemonades [Nart, Tarhun, Mohito-lime, Pear, Cherry] 35 to 50 r
Pasta [packet of 0,5kg] 35 -40 r
Grechka [buckwheat packet of 0,9kg] 45-50 r
Rice [0,9kg] 70-100 r
Oil [regional produce] 75-100 r

Eating in a traditional patskha restaurant 700 r to 1500 r per person depending on inclusion of wine

Cake&and Coffee in a cafe 200r to 300 r

Eating loshadki hachapur in world famous ‘Nartaa’ 100 r [should check]

Eating cigborek in world famous ‘At Rubiks’ 45 r per one [should check]


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